Personal trainer
Megan Vergara

Megan Vergara has been a part of the Pantheon family in more ways than one. She trained under Zach as a client for almost a decade prior to deciding to become part of the staff herself. Megan’s passion began in high school where she competed in Olympic style weight-lifting and she’s been involved in fitness since. She remains a highly active mom and loves to coach other mom’s on how to incorporate wellness into their own hectic routines.

Unconventional Training Specialist
Jake Regalado

Jake co-founded a business at the age of 16 and has been unstoppable since. He’ll be bringing his Personal Trainer’s license, his Boxing Coach certification, his Bulgarian bag certification, and his Facilitated Stretching certification to our team.

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I have been training with Jake for just about a year and it is absolutely the bright spot of my day. Every single session I have, I leave feeling significantly better than when I came in, a testament to both Jake himself and his training style. First c… Read More
Julia M.
COO, and owner of Pantheon Training Systems
Charlotte Hornbarger

Charlotte understands the inner workings of the body and how diet affects its functioning. She’s bringing her degrees in culinary arts entrepreneurship, her nutritional coaching certification, and her Certified Personal Trainer’s license to the business.

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I am a 48-year-old and I have been training with Charlotte for 2 ½ years now. With too many ups and downs to count, Charlotte helped me get results while going through cancer treatment. What an amazing trainer; she was able to help me achieve results … Read More
Christina M.
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I have been training with Charlotte for the last 2 years! She is definitely one of the best trainers I have ever had! She helps me a lot with diet choices and has helped improve my range of motion after knee surgery. I can’t thank her enough for all sh… Read More
Carol H.
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I’m not going to lie, when I started writing Charlotte about being my personal trainer, I didn’t even think I was being serious. She was inspiring to me, and I thought there’s no way in hell I’d be brave enough to go to a gym (let alone pay som… Read More
Natasha E.
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It all started about a year ago. I was 52 years old, overweight, and out of shape. Today I am 53 years young and, fit, and fabulous. Being new to Northern Nevada, the first thing was to join a new gym. After much research, I found Charlotte and signed … Read More
Kim S.
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Growing up, I was always playing sports and lived an active lifestyle. When I was 20 years old that all changed when I had my thyroid removed because my doctor believed that I had thyroid cancer. I ended up being cancer-free but the thyroid hormone I t… Read More
Sarah M.
Director of Training Systems
Zachary​ ​Hughes

Zach brings his multiple years of experience training clients and management skills from running his own independent business. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Boxing Coach, and Nutrition Coach, Zach will be lending his knowledge in fitness and providing the highest value to clients.

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If you are looking for a personal trainer to not only help you reach your goals, but educate you in the process then look no further than Zach Hughes. I have been training with Zach for a little over a year and I have lost 80 pounds and counting.
Andriea A.
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I have gone through 3 different training goals with Zach. First I wanted to lose weight. Zach developed training and coached me through my eating habits. After I met that goal I wanted to train for a Firefighter Combat challenge. Zach was able to devel… Read More
Forrest J.
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To go from imbalanced and overweight to flexible and toned, I thought achieving these goals seemed out of reach. But with Zach, it became attainable through time and effort. I now know how to eat and exercise properly and integrate lasting fitness habi… Read More
Julio P.