Live the life you want, feel your best every day.

Join a team that understands your goals and helps you get there. Design an ambitious and achievable fitness program.
  • Find a balance of muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility.
  • Successfully push your body to a new level of fitness.
  • Feel strong and confident in your body’s abilities.
  • Focus on lifestyle habits for long term success.
  • True collaboration with your trainer.

Personal Training Offers

Nutritional Coaching

What you put in your body is EVERYTHING! Understanding your calories in, and calories out is just the beginning. We help you determine the foods your body needs; to lose weight, but also to maintain energy through out the day. When it is time to hit the gym and you know you fought the first half of the calorie cutting battle at home you will be pleased with yourself. Let us help you make smart nutritional decisions daily, and set you on the course to accomplish your goals. What makes nutritional coaching different from dieting? Find out.
  • Personal assessment
  • Customized plan
  • Ongoing support

Unconventional Training

Effective muscle endurance workout that helps target legs, shoulders, core, upper back, triceps, and forearms. A truly versatile exercise that can be adapted with grips and weights to design the routine for you!
  • Multi-planar training
  • Bulgarian Bag Training
  • Unconventional exercise to achieve unconventional results!

Corrective Exercise

Whether you are struggling with ongoing pain, or just want to meet fitness goals with a partner who understands your body and can help take corrective action. We help those suffering from injury, or chronic overuse patterns, to take corrective action through a personalized exercise training program.
  • Initial assessment
  • Personalized routine and exercise sequencing
  • Progression and regression adaptations

Muscle Building

Make every day count! Begin with a strong understanding of how muscles grow and how to achieve your goals quickly. All bodies are different, and react uniquely to the exercises we put them through. Too often the same muscle building routine is performed at every workout. Let us help you bring effective variation, goal setting, and results to your routine!
  • Weight training
  • Weekly routine
  • Ongoing exercise variation
  • Personalized assessment & goal setting

Fat Loss

We help you achieve your fat burning goals. With the right combination of nutritional health, muscle building, and varied fat burning exercises your goals are reachable. We are here to develop the right routine with you, then be your collaborative motivating partner to help you get there!
  • Understand calorie intake and usage
  • Develop a personalized plan to achieve your fat burning goals
  • Work with us to help keep you motivated when it starts to get tough

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